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" I want to look back at my wedding day and remember all the feelings of joy and wonder without spending a fortune... "

When you look back at your wedding day a few years, even a few months, later then apart for a few wonderful feelings the only memories are your photos. At Simply Weddings we understand how important these photographs are so we have taken the skills and experience of our parent SteelOrchid and simplified the packages. By taking out some of the 'nice to have, but don't need' extras and keeping with a single photographer we have dramatically reduced the prices without compromising on the quality of the photographs.

cushion with wedding rings, 300 wedding photos package

" There are so many cheap photographers out there but I hear such horror stories about some of the 'shoot & burn' photographers... "

Presenting you with your photos on CD prepared for high street printing is a service we provide because you want it. We can and do still produce simple and beautiful albums and elegant storybooks in addition or instead of images on CD. We will select the very best images and these are carefully processed to bring out their qualities.

mirror, 100 printable photos on CD

" I want a photographer I can get on with, that will get the shots that I want, who will care about my photos... "

Before you book with us we like to arrange a short informal meeting to show you the type of images we capture and if these are the type of photographs you want. Every photographer has their own style and it would be wrong to try to force our style onto you or for us to produce work that we did not feel comfortable with. At the end of the day neither of us would be happy. We like to treat all our brides and grooms as our friends so it is important we can relate to each other. This means that we care as much about your photos as you do.


" I want a beautiful album I can be proud of, I just not yet. Will my photographer be able to design an album for me in say a year's time... ? "

When you receive your album and/or images we don't just say goodbye. We keep all of your original RAW images on file for up to five years so you can come back at any time and have that dream album you always wanted or, perhaps, a set of small parent books to give out at Christmas or that huge canvas your new home is crying out for.


" I want to share my day with friends on Facebook... "

We know many people like to share important events with friends on the networking sites like Facebook so can we provide, at no cost to you, a couple of images sized and ready to upload to your account.

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" OK what's the catch? "

Simple - this offer is aimed at those who are looking for a simple wedding photography package. We can't afford to do every wedding on these terms, so this offer is mainly for midweek and off season weddings. There are only a limited number of dates available. We promise to be as dedicated, professional and take as much care on your day with your £300 package as we do at SteelOrchid with our £3000 bespoke package.


" Show me how I can take advantage of this offer "

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